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Impact Testing Machine

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We are one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, exporters and whole seller, of impact testing machine in delhi, india.

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 Impact Testing Machine




Impact Testing Machines that works on pendulum principle and are highly suitable for conducting Charpy & Izod Impact tests on various material. Minimum energy absorption is assured due to rigid designs of machine frame & other parts during fracture that results in improved test accuracies. Highly stressed parts such as support blocks & strikers are manufactured using special alloy steels that are duly heat-treated.


- Direct indication of impact energy absorbed by specimen on large diameter for Models: AIT-300-N, AIT-300-EN & on

 digital panel display for Model: AIT-300-D.

 - Available with safety guard for the operator.

 - Initial potential energy for Charpy is 300 Joules & for Izod is 170 Joules with a L.C. of 2 Joules (for Analogue models).

  & resolution of 0.5 Joules (for Digital Model).

 - Pendulum drop angle for Charpy is 140 & for Izod is 90.

 - ASTM Impact Testing machine is also supplied, which conforms to E-23 ASTM standard.

 - Available with Gauges, Tongs, Sub-zero bath, Templates, U & V Notch milling cutter (Optional).

 - Accuracy of these machines conforms to IS: 3766-2003, IS:1598-1977, IS:1757-1999, IS:1499- 2003, BS:131-Part-I, II, III, IV & BS EN-10045-1993 (for Charpy).


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Established in the year 2004, shambhu nath and sons is one of the leading manufacturers and traders of wide range of material testing machines, equipments and instruments. We specialize in Metal Testing Machine, Paper Testing Machine, Cable Testing Machine, Textile fabric testing, Plastic Testing Machine, Plywood Testing Machine.

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