Saturday, May 21, 2022

Digital Skills Workshops

At Digital Skills Boot Camp we deliver digital skills workshops to help students enhance their online presence and build on their digital skills.we invite over 20 students in three interactive sessions to develop their digital skills.

in our camp students learn tips to better promote themselves online, like how to be more attractive to employers and explored various topics including social media marketing, innovation and building a positive web presence.

BizCamp is an intensive 3 hours camp for students 8th Grade and onwards who are interested in entrepreneurship. Students develop a business idea and then work to complete a business plan. Camp activities include: classroom lessons, field trips, and guest speakers who are entrepreneurs and business professionals.

BizCamp participants receive a number of benefits including a textbook and workbook, wholesale trip grants, and the chance to win awards and prize money. At the end of the camp, students present their plans to a panel of judges for a chance to win seed capital.

uttarakhand BizCamp For Students